Oregon House Representative candidate Teri Grier wins Independent Party of Oregon nomination



State representative candidate Teri Grier, who is running for Oregon House District 9, has won the nomination to represent the Independent Party of Oregon in the upcoming 2018 midterm election. Grier received majority of the write-in votes over incumbent Caddy McKeown and will be listed under both the Republican and Independent candidate slots.

Grier said her campaign has been strong in reaching out to voters throughout the district whether by phone, mail or in person.

“We’re willing to meet and go wherever we need to,” said Grier. “We need to have conversations about the issues that are most important to people.” 

In a press release by Grier’s campaign, the candidate pledges to go beyond party labels and support an agenda that speaks to the priorities of the community.

“It’s important to stay focused on the issues that matter most to voters,” said Grier.

Grier, an Arizona native, moved to Coos Bay in 2015 looking to improve her health after having her final lung surgery battling valley fever. In her recovery, Grier decided to move out of Arizona, which carries the fungi that cause valley fever in the desert soil.

This is the second time Grier is running for state representative and in her campaign said she will work on holding government accountable, opposing new taxes and protecting individual liberties. Currently, Grier works as a Southwestern Oregon Community College instructor and dual-credit coordinator with the college and local high schools.

“The main issue is that the current system is broken,” said Grier. “We need to reinstall the confidence and trust from the citizens and there’s a huge lack of that right now.”