No one works harder, and she will work as hard for Oregon as she did for Arizona.

Greetings, I am Former Arizona State Rep. Lou Ann Preble. I was elected as a State Representative in 1992. I first met Teri when she was assigned by the Speaker of the House to be my staff. She was 27. I was a registered nurse, who was in my first term of service. 

I was appointed by the Speaker of the House, to be the chairwoman of the Rural Health Care Task Force. I was asked to address the health care crisis in rural Arizona. I was tasked with issues:

“How can it be done?” “How can it be affordable?”

The bipartisan committee traveled throughout the state touring rural facilities, talking with medical personnel and listening to hours of testimony from concerned citizens.

There were some counties, that women couldn’t even deliver a baby in. Crippled by the shut down of mining and forestry facilities across the state, many rural counties were faced with having to close clinics, hospitals and long-term care facilities for the elderly.

We found that people were blindsided by lack of funds and resources.

Teri knew more than I did and Teri put it all together because she had in-depth conversations with key members of the healthcare community and our rural partners.  I knew what we needed to do, but Teri knew how to do it.

Our work led to:

Changing local district laws so that communities can create their own tax districts for medical support/services.

Tele-medicine, which increased access to skilled consultants and medical professionals throughout the state.

Required state run medical programs to include rural rotations as part of their mandatory requirements for graduation.

Finally, a statewide loan forgiveness program for medical professionals who served in rural areas was established.

This package of changes was considered landmark legislation that received bipartisan support and quickly passed through the legislature and was signed by the governor. One of the first 3 laws passed that year.

Politics wasn’t played here, we walked the middle of the road and focused on the needs for everyone in the entire state. Too many questions and needs went unanswered initially, but thanks to Teri’s hard work, we were able to make lasting and positive changes to our state’s medical treatment and funding.

Teri was also acknowledged by the Speaker of the House for her attributes that hard work and success of the bill.

The work started in a bipartisan committee, and grew to a universally accepted across the state. Real legislation, that serves the interest of the entire state, comes from bipartisanship and efforts from everyone.

I believe in Teri, and her ability to break past partisan lines.  No one works harder, and she will work as hard for Oregon as she did for Arizona.
— Lou Ann Preble