I Will Never Forget How Teri Helped My Family

To Whom it may concern,

As we approach October, my thoughts go to my grandson, Tristan, who will be 6 on the 25th of October.  Why do my thoughts go to this?  In May of 2016, my grandson was admitted to Banner Desert Hospital, and put on a ventilator.  He contracted pneumonia, which then developed into septic shock.  This would be the first night, of two months in which he would be hospitalized, including several weeks in ICU. 

My family was devastated.  Here was a normal, healthy, energetic, three-year-old hooked up to a machine, with several tubes coming out of him.  We were told by doctors, that the first few days were critical, and if he could pull through that, he would have a chance for survival.  That chance of survival turned out to be 8%.  His mother stayed at his side the entire time, while his dad had to eventually go back to work.  I took a few days from my work, to spend with him as well.  I could hardly keep myself together.  Doctors had to pull me aside and tell me, to calm down.  Just as we thought he was getting better, he would develop several pneumothoraxes, in which tubes would have to be inserted into his lung.  In the end, that amounted to five different surgeries.

I helped my daughter financially, by paying for all her meals, and giving her the use of my vehicle.  Tristan’s father is a deputy for the Gila County Sheriff’s department, and she is a stay at home mom, and student at Eastern AZ College.  I wanted to do more to help them, so I set up a Go Fund Me Account in Tristan’s name.

One of the first person to respond to this account was Teri Grier.  Teri and I went to school together in Miami AZ.  Though we kept in touch by Facebook, we hadn’t seen each other in several years.  As I read through her message she sent, along with the donation, I couldn’t help but cry.  She lost a grandson to the same illness as Tristan.  She wrote me a heartfelt message, which I passed along to my daughter.  It was wonderful knowing, that someone from my childhood, cared enough to help my grandson, whom, she never met.  People who grow up in small towns, seem to come together in tough times, and she is a person who stepped up, and helped us out.  Our family will never forget Teri’s generosity, and kind words of support.

— Catherine Fuller