Grier breath of fresh air

Per person, Oregon outspends 44 other U.S. states in terms of government spending.


And yet our land-use bureaucracies are making it difficult to build homes in our housing crisis; we want more and more taxes from businesses but we make it miserable to operate a business in Oregon and treat them like the bad guys; we have an unsustainable PERS system that nobody will talk about; and our schools are struggling to succeed even with great teachers in the trenches.

At some point, we have to stop doing things the same way over and over, look for solutions and be willing to make changes. Oregon is too special at its core to let politicians ruin it for future generations.

We are on a bad path.

The more I get to know Teri Grier, the more I believe she is one step we can take to begin to make positive changes for Oregon. She is running for State Representative and I am encouraged by her leadership. She would be just one voice for us in the Oregon legislature but she would be our voice — and I believe she would be strong, persistent, compassionate and would approach issues with common sense and fresh ideas.

It has been so great to see Grier’s work ethic and energy in her campaign as she has worked diligently going door to door in every community introducing herself and really listening to what is on our minds.

That same work ethic and connection with the people in our district would carry through in how she serves as State Representative.

I will be supporting and voting for Teri Grier for State Representative. She is a breath of fresh air.

—Jennifer Waggoner