No one works harder, and she will work as hard for Oregon as she did for Arizona.

No one works harder, and she will work as hard for Oregon as she did for Arizona.

Greetings, I am Former Arizona State Rep.. Lou Ann Preble: committee of Arizona rural Health Care Chairwoman I had been a State Representative since 1992. I first met Teri she was 27 in 1993. I was a registered nurse, who had the privilege to have Teri on staff. 

As the Chairwoman of Rural Health Care I was tasked with issues:

“How can it be done?” “How can it be affordable?”

Teri and I Traveled throughout the state, learning about healthcare issues.  Some counties weren’t equipped to even perform births.  Crippled by the closing of mining and forestry, which were the major healthcare providers.  Counties were closing their facilities due to lack of funding

We found that people were blindsided by lack of funds and resources

Teri knew more than I did and Teri put it all together because she had in depth conversations with key members of the healthcare community and our rural partners.  I knew what we needed to do, but Teri knew how to do it.

Our work led to

Changing local district laws so that communities can create their own tax districts for medical support/services

Tele-medicine, which increased access to skilled consultants and medical professionals throughout the state

Advocated with state run medical schools to include rural rotations for licensed medical professionals in rural areas, in lieu of simply having students.

Implementing loan forgiveness programs, Oregon’s needs to expand their rural rotations and loan forgiveness to other shortages like nursing.  We need more medical technicians and trained professionals beyond just the most highly educated professionals.

This bill was one of the most successful bipartisan bills in the state that year.  Quickly passed through the legislature and was signed by the governor. One of the first 3 laws passed that year.

Politics wasn’t played here, we walked the middle of the road and focused on the needs for everyone in the entire state. Too many questions and needs went unanswered initially, but thanks to Teri’s hard work, we were able to make lasting and positive changes to our state’s medical treatment and funding.

Teri was also acknowledge by the Speaker of the House for her attributes that hard work and success of the bill.

The work started in a bipartisan committee, and grew to a universally accepted across the state. Real legislation, that serves the interest of the entire state, comes from bipartisanship and efforts from everyone.

I believe in Teri, and her ability to break past partisan lines.  No one works harder, and she will work as hard for Oregon as she did for Arizona.

Teri is a Go-Getter

My name is Marie Bowers I am a fifth generation farmer in Oregon. Growing up on her family’s grass seed farm I learned the importance of caring for the soil, the plant and the community surrounding it. I’ve been advocating on behalf of the natural resource community for over 15 years at Salem and in my local community.

When I met Teri Grier I was blown away by how in tune & passionate she was about the needs of Rural Oregon. I knew she was someone that I wanted in our corner in Salem. Teri is a go-getter. I am impressed with Teri knowledge and expertise when it comes to farming, ranching, and forestry. I whole heartily endorse Teri Grier for State Representative.

Grier up to the task

My wife and I have known Teri Grier personally since she came to Oregon a few years ago. To the point — today with the constant underlying tendency toward socialism, we need someone like Teri who is not afraid to stand for individual freedoms and individual responsibility.

Caddy McKeown has proven she is NOT up to the task.

I Will Never Forget How Teri Helped My Family

I Will Never Forget How Teri Helped My Family

To Whom it may concern,

As we approach October, my thoughts go to my grandson, Tristan, who will be 6 on the 25th of October.  Why do my thoughts go to this?  In May of 2016, my grandson was admitted to Banner Desert Hospital, and put on a ventilator.  He contracted pneumonia, which then developed into septic shock.  This would be the first night, of two months in which he would be hospitalized, including several weeks in ICU. 

My family was devastated.  Here was a normal, healthy, energetic, three-year-old hooked up to a machine, with several tubes coming out of him.  We were told by doctors, that the first few days were critical, and if he could pull through that, he would have a chance for survival.  That chance of survival turned out to be 8%.  His mother stayed at his side the entire time, while his dad had to eventually go back to work.  I took a few days from my work, to spend with him as well.  I could hardly keep myself together.  Doctors had to pull me aside and tell me, to calm down.  Just as we thought he was getting better, he would develop several pneumothoraxes, in which tubes would have to be inserted into his lung.  In the end, that amounted to five different surgeries.

I helped my daughter financially, by paying for all her meals, and giving her the use of my vehicle.  Tristan’s father is a deputy for the Gila County Sheriff’s department, and she is a stay at home mom, and student at Eastern AZ College.  I wanted to do more to help them, so I set up a Go Fund Me Account in Tristan’s name.

One of the first person to respond to this account was Teri Grier.  Teri and I went to school together in Miami AZ.  Though we kept in touch by Facebook, we hadn’t seen each other in several years.  As I read through her message she sent, along with the donation, I couldn’t help but cry.  She lost a grandson to the same illness as Tristan.  She wrote me a heartfelt message, which I passed along to my daughter.  It was wonderful knowing, that someone from my childhood, cared enough to help my grandson, whom, she never met.  People who grow up in small towns, seem to come together in tough times, and she is a person who stepped up, and helped us out.  Our family will never forget Teri’s generosity, and kind words of support.


Catherine Fuller

Reader supporting Grier

I have watched the race between Caddy McKeown and Teri Grier develop over this past year. While I applaud the community involvement and hard work that Caddy has brought to Salem, her lockstep votes with liberal Portland Democrats have muddied the waters in Coos Bay (so to speak).

From raising taxes, gun control, open borders, sanctuary cities, ANTIFA anarchy, and environmental laws that chase our businesses away, Democrats have completely abandoned the principles of JFK and MLK. Democrats are no longer the party of our parents and grandparents. I walked away from the Democrat Party and I would encourage you to do the same.

I'm going with a fresh face for representation on the South Coast. I'm supporting Teri Grier.

Terrence Graves

Springfield/Coos Bay

Grier breath of fresh air

Per person, Oregon outspends 44 other U.S. states in terms of government spending.


And yet our land-use bureaucracies are making it difficult to build homes in our housing crisis; we want more and more taxes from businesses but we make it miserable to operate a business in Oregon and treat them like the bad guys; we have an unsustainable PERS system that nobody will talk about; and our schools are struggling to succeed even with great teachers in the trenches.

At some point, we have to stop doing things the same way over and over, look for solutions and be willing to make changes. Oregon is too special at its core to let politicians ruin it for future generations.

We are on a bad path.

The more I get to know Teri Grier, the more I believe she is one step we can take to begin to make positive changes for Oregon. She is running for State Representative and I am encouraged by her leadership. She would be just one voice for us in the Oregon legislature but she would be our voice — and I believe she would be strong, persistent, compassionate and would approach issues with common sense and fresh ideas.

It has been so great to see Grier’s work ethic and energy in her campaign as she has worked diligently going door to door in every community introducing herself and really listening to what is on our minds.

That same work ethic and connection with the people in our district would carry through in how she serves as State Representative.

I will be supporting and voting for Teri Grier for State Representative. She is a breath of fresh air.

—Jennifer Waggoner


Teri Believed In Me

Teri Believed In Me

About three years ago, I met Teri Grier when I studying at SWOCC to earn my digital arts degree. I was making myself sick with anxiety over what I wanted to do with myself once school was done. I didn’t see any value in myself, or what I had to offer anyone, but Teri did. She helped me find my strengths, saw through my self-doubt and knew I had potential. Through her compassion, I’ve been able to succeed in my field and have grown immensely. A few months ago, she brought me onto her campaign as a graphic designer, photographer, and field worker.  

She has the amazing ability to instill passion and hope into people. She can see the potential Oregon has, and like with me, she know’s how to help us reach that potential.

Teri Grier Launches Powerful New Ad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                               CONTACT: Ben Schimmoller

September 19, 2018

Teri Grier Launches Powerful New Ad

North Bend, OR - In a new television and digital ad, Teri Grier has pledged to fight for affordable healthcare and protecting Medicare for seniors.  After overcoming a severe case of Coccidioidomycosis, more commonly known as Valley Fever, Grier was forced to declare bankruptcy and moved to North Bend for her health. Thanks to expert medical care and the clean air along the Oregon coast, Grier recovered and set about serving the community.

“Voters deserve to know my story and know why I came here. Oregon gave me my life back, and I want to give back to Oregon. No one should have to choose between quality healthcare or medical bankruptcy.” Grier stated.


Growing up in a hardworking, blue-collar community, Teri is proud to be the first member of her immediate family to graduate from college. She currently works as an instructor and coordinates the high school dual credit program at a local community college. In her free time, she volunteers in the community and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and pets.

Teri Grier is a candidate for State Representative in Oregon’s House District 09.  She is nominated by the Republican, Independent, and Libertarian Parties of Oregon. House district 9 comprises the communities of Coos Bay, North Bend, Lakeside, Charleston, Reedsport, Winchester Bay, Gardiner, Dunes City, Florence, Triangle Lake, Mapleton, and Yachats.

To view the ad click this link or visit