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Our Coast | Our Community | Our Values


From Coos Bay to Florence to Yachats and everywhere in between, we are so blessed to live in one of the most beautiful and unique communities in America. Our people are honest, hardworking and always willing to lend a neighbor a hand when they are in need. All we ask from our state government in return is the opportunity to allow our community to be the best version of itself it can be.

Unfortunately, heavy-handed Portland politicians continue to push policies that disrupt our way of life. They simply do not understand how new mandates from our government affect our small businesses and what kind of an impact their restrictions on our freedoms have in our rural areas.

As your State Representative, I’ll be a voice for Our Coast, Our Community and Our Values.


Pressure from the vacation rental industry has reduced the availability of permanent homes in our community and dramatically increased the sale price of homes on the market. It’s becoming more and more difficult for families in our community to find stable housing within their price range. This is a crisis that is taking a serious toll on our community.

I will work to increase the supply of available housing and advocate for policies that will allow more Oregonians to find a secure, affordable place to live. I will also work with partners at the local, county and state level to transition more Oregonians off the streets and into a safer living situation.


The Oregon Legislature recently voted to reduce the punishment for the possession of hard drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. On top of that, lawmakers reduced penalties for invasion of privacy crimes like property and identity theft. And to make matters even worse, Portland politicians led an effort to expand the state’s sanctuary state immigration policy.

As your voice in Salem, I’ll stand up for South Coast families by rejecting policies that put the safety and security of our communities at risk. Protecting our children and families will always be a priority for me.


Lawmakers in Salem have been chipping away at the 2nd Amendment for years. I’ve had enough. Our elected leaders should focus more on keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals instead of making it more difficult for our law-abiding citizens exercise their rights.

I believe in the right of people to keep and bear arms and will always vote to protect your gun rights as your State Representative.


Our state government has more money in its coffers than ever before -- yet for the Politicians in Salem, it’s never enough. I believe the taxpayers of Oregon have paid their fair share. Now, it’s time for the state government to tighten its belt.

As your State Representative, I will  require that our state government find ways to reduce spending before asking Oregonians to hand over more of their hard earned money to our government.


While our economy has improved since the Great Recession, our communities are still suffering from a shortage of stable, family-wage jobs. In particular, The decline of our natural resource industry has left deep scar on our South Coast economy. It’s time to reimagine the economic potential of our region.

I’ve spent more than 25 years working with public policy leaders at the local, state and federal level. I have experience working with businesses large and small and in communities both urban and rural. I understand what it will take to jump start our local economy and I am committed to expanding job opportunities in our community.


As a community college instructor and coordinator of high school programs where students earn college credit, I’m a big advocate for education at all levels.  Few things are more important to me than ensuring that Oregonians have access to a high quality education. We must have improved results for our children and better resources for our schoolteachers, and we must have them NOW! No more pitting kids against politicians or teachers against taxpayers.

I’ll work to get us all on the same team, pulling together for immediate improvements. Money needs to go directly to the classroom and follow the child. We simply must do better.


As the cost of living continues to increase in our community, it is becoming more and more difficult for seniors on fixed incomes to make ends meet. We cannot allow those who came before us to be priced out of the communities they have always called home.

I’ll be a champion for policies that protect Oregonians’ retirements and ensure that our seniors have access to affordable healthcare services and stable housing.


I believe our state government needs to do a better job of managing our money. All too often, we hear horror stories about tens of millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted on failed IT projects and bureaucratic incompetence. Enough is enough.

As your State Representative, I will demand accountability from our state agencies and fight for more transparency over how your tax dollars are being spent by lawmakers in Salem. I will always respect your pocketbook.


Too often, public policy discussions in our state are dominated by the voices of Portland Politicians. Our voices are being ignored, and our neighbors and local businesses are struggling to survive. We need stronger representation in Salem. 

I promise to be a loud, strong voice for rural Oregon.