As a State representative of Rural Lane and Douglas Counties, we need more people like Teri to represent our values.
— Representative Cedric Hayden
Teri is conservative, down to earth and U.S. constitution grounded in her beliefs.
— MaryBeth Anthony
We need new blood in Oregon Government
— Jim Kingley
Now is the time for the voters of district 9 to stand up. Let’s turn our district red!
— Alene F. Holland
Teri Grier is hardworking, great tenacity and will do a great job for our state
— Roy Harris
She (Teri Grier) has the experience, the integrity, and the guts to make her district thrive again. We should be so fortunate to have her represent Oregon District 9
— David Wight
As a freedom loving individual, Teri Grier shares my values of small government, adherence to the constitution, and minimum taxation. Go Teri!
— Rodney Schilling


Oregon Taxpayers Association

Oregon Gun Owners

Oregon Firearms Federation

Oregon Right to Life

Oregon Sportsman ASSOCIATION PAC

Oregon Family Council pac


Mike McLane - State Representative

Dr. Knute Buehler - STate Representative and Candidate for Governor

Steve Jansen - Coos County Assessor

Jay Bozievich - West Lane County Commissioner

Joe Henry - Mayor of Florence

Levi Clow - 2nd Chance Survival

Donald E. Poage, MD - Former MAyor of Coos bay




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Ruby Chapman

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